Fuchi Engineering Pte Ltd

Fuchi Engineering Pte Ltd

Our Specialised Niche

Fuchi is one of the leading steel strutting specialist contractors and used material supplier in Singapore. With a history dating back to 1996, Fuchi provides temporary decking and strutting platform services essential in infrastructure, residential and commercial development projects.

Fuchi specialises in temporary works relating to all excavation activities in building construction and civil engineering works. Due to limited land area in Singapore, architecture designs for buildings in Singapore are focused on vertical form. Coupled with the inherent poor sub-soil conditions for construction, there is an increasing demand for the Group's specialised services, particularly for deep excavations activities.

Leveraging on its established track record, Fuchi has also built up a strong business network with its customers and suppliers. Successfully completing a wide range of building construction and civil engineering projects, Fuchi has continuously extended its ability to undertake larger scale excavation projects.

The Group's deepest record for excavation work is thirty one meter, approximately the height of a seven-story building.

Its reliability, commitment and track record have enabled the Group to secure repeated contracts from existing customers and participate in high-value projects from both private and public sectors.

Aligned with its expansion plans to facilitate clients' business growth, Fuchi targets to grow its material supply division which currently provides pre-fabricated strutting material.

To date, Fuchi owns 5,000 tonnes of sheet piles and 20,000 tonnes of strut. And in one of its biggest contracts secured, the Group supplied approximately 13,000 tonnes of sheet pile to its client's construction project.

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