Fuchi Engineering Pte Ltd

Fuchi Engineering Pte Ltd

What Sets Us Apart

One Stop Solution in TERS

Essential in excavation projects, Fuchi is a one stop solution specialist in the Temporary Earth Retaining System (TERS). Offering practical and fast-track solutions ranging from project planning, design, to installation and removals of the temporary structures, Fuchi enhances the efficiency of its client's construction processes, thereby saving time and resources.

In addition, the reliability of its services and ability to deliver quality projects on time at competitive costs put the Group in a better position to take on larger and technically more complex building projects and enhance its competitiveness in the market.

Customised Services

Ability to adapt to the requirements and timeline of its clients is one of the Group's key strengths. With customised services, Fuchi prepares itself with flexible working hours to cope with clients' tight schedule. Its ability to promptly cooperate with main contractors in order to meet their timeline provides the Group with a distinct competitive advantage.

To improve cost efficiencies and provide quality service to its customers, Fuchi also continuously invests in a wide range of machinery and equipment.

Experienced and skilful workforce

Supported by experienced and skillful workforce, Fuchi has participated in numerous large government and private projects. With each project, Fuchi accumulates valuable skills sets and valuable working experience, thus translating to the overall efficiencies of its people and processes.

Placing strong emphasis on professional development, the Group provides its workforce with regular training and educational programs to update them on the latest techniques and processes related to its business.

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